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Support Procedures

Typically Qmetrix products are installed in an IT environment with standardized support procedures and agreed service levels based on a procedure at your first level Helpdesk.

If you are experiencing problems with your Qmetrix system, please refer to the standard IT support process of you company. First level support knows the required customer-specific key-code (three letter code) to be added to the subject line of a Ticket.

If you send direct requests to support@qmetrix.com you will immediately receice a confirmation email with the ticket number. This Ticket number will help you and us to track the status and progress of the works required.

If you send emails directly to of our staff, we will be happy to help but ask you to understand that we can not guarantee service levels becaus not everybody is available all the time.

Feel free to use our integrated helpdesk-system on the right bottom of this page -->

Qmetrix Care - We are here to help you

We at Qmetrix know best how to set-up, operate and main our systems. Due to the fact that our customers have specific requirements that vary from project to project, we offer three different levels of Care, catering to most needs we are facing.

The Standard package covers all needs to run a system. If you need extra service, we quote and you can purchase it on a time and material base.

The Plus package adds remote maintenance to off-line systems with our CareBox remote access system, includes one maintenance visit per year and gives you fixed prices for labour and travel for our repair services.

The Premium packages is like a full comprehensive insurence without access. Everything is included in the package to keep the system running at no extra cost. The only limit is the number of visits per year and with some products vandalism is excluded.