• NXT - Passenger Flow Optimization

"Next in Line!"

Qmetrix NXT improves your passenger flow. This leads - apart from reduced stress for your passengers - to increased productivity. That saves money.

Qmetrix NXT

Reducing idle times between two transactions is a big chance to improve productivity. Thinking of process times of less than one minute with an idle time of 30 seconds in between shows the improvement that can be achieved.

Qmetrix NXT helps you in doing so. With centralized monitors and/or signal lights at each counter the availability is even indicated before the last customer has gone. The idle time approximates to zero.

Apart from the cost-saving factors customers see this feature as a matter of service quality. And employees get the control of the process back. No yelling and shouting to get "their" next customer.

A triple win situation!

... with a personal touch!

We have upgraded our proven Qmetrix NXT with an individual, personal touch. We can now include the name and even a photo of the service agent calling the passenger on the screen.

Smart Passenger Flow System

With our advanced solution we can deliver a highly efficient, fully automated and fair passenger dispatching system . On top of this, the fast lane needed to be prioritised in a way that the waiting time is always kept under a defined threshold – more waiting priority passengers are automatically getting more screening lanes allocated.

The NXT system has a MON dispatching screen at the exit of each waiting queue and a CPD smart signal controller at every security lane. Our proven IRC sensor makes sure that there is always the right amount of passengers preparing for screening. Key parameters can be adjusted to a wide range of customer requirements. Passenger flow data and lane operation data is available for dispatching, monitoring and management. Passengers, airport operators and we from Qmetrix are very happy for having delivered such a great system to a top European airport.

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