• Cleaning Control

Demand Driven Cleaning

Washrooms, lounges, waiting rooms - Airports, Shopping Malls and other public building operators are going great lenght to keep facilities well maintained, cleaned and tidy. Usually this is done on a cycle - e.g. every hour - no matter if cleaning is required or not. Qmetrix QCC is a solution for optmizing all of this - a simple, easy-to-install unit connected to a server, delivering real-time mood feedback that shows the performance of service providers and provides closed-loop maintenance managment.

Customers count

The Qmetrix QCC ceiling sensor measures the number of persons using a washroom or other facility (Lounge, smoking Lounge, Lost & Found area, etc. The applications are endless. With set thresholds for each facility, Qmetrix detects a demand for service (typically cleaning) and is the core tool for optimization.

Installation is quick and easy – only power is required. The built-in modem can take any SIM card to allow rapid deployment and cost efficient operation of the sensor.

The system can be operated stand-alone by using the Qmetrix cloud service or on-premise server. Data presentation in real-time and extensive reporting as well as optimisation is available - please see below! Because these sensors use infrared technology for counting, violation of privacy is not an issue.

Get Feedback

It goes without saying that customer feedback is a key input for service design, delivery and improvement. The art of getting good feedback is to ask customers in a timely manner and make it easy and fun. The QCC feedback terminal does exactly this. It has a simple, intuitive user interface on the top-level screen. Customers can give feedback in seconds, but can also detail their thoughts in a second level if they want. The layout and the questions can be reconfigured easily and on the fly, if required. 

The system gives instant insights into what customers and visitors think about your service. Realtime data allowas timely reaction on operational problmes and changes in customer mood. Idealy the terminal is combined with the ceiling sensor to have absolute counting figures. Only then is the feedback put into context. 

From reaction to action

The integrated notification rules allow on-time troubleshooting if, for example, negative votes are exceeding positive one. The provided rules engine is very easy to use. Counting rules and feedback rules can be set up individually, and combinations are possible.

With these rules, potential service level violations can be predicted, before they even happen. Alerts can be sent out via email, SMS or on a dashboard and workflows can be triggered. In the dashboard, open items show up, and completed tasks can be ticked off, so nothing will be forgotten.

Log and optimize

With the PIN based log-on or RFID token-based log-on/log-off option, the system records information about service times of cleaners, supervisors or third parties. It informs customers on the terminal screen that "cleaning is in progress". When the cleaner logs off, the log-off time shows in the display as "last cleaning at XXhrs" to replace the clipboard with signatures. The logging times are also recorded in the database for reporting and dispatching.

Optimization is the logical next step. Who is going where to clean or fix things? Even better, when do I clean to keep the service level but avoid peak? Even SLA monitoring and invoicing can be done.

Measure and Manage

The services management uses real-time information and a dashboard on a smartphone or on a screen in the ops center, meaning it is all web-based and flexible, and can be tailored for different user groups. Even the third-party service providers can get a selected view to support more efficient processes.

In-house or in the Cloud

Customers have the choice: they can either run their own Qmetrix server or let Qmetrix do the job; All options are open, there is no right and wrong when it comes to architecture.

Our system meets your requirements

The system is very flexible in fulfilling user needs. It can handle multiple user groups (cleaners, supervisors, analysts, third parties, etc.) and all the artwork can be changed easily and on the fly without interruption of service and from a central location. Also the touch logic can be freely defined and the level of alerts and events written to the database can be set to individual requirements - all without coding, just configuration.

Made to last

The terminal is a beautiful, slim, secure, water resistant enclosure and has a state-of-the-art design. The locking mechanism is strong and can be operated via passcode or RFID master card. No key or special screwdriver is required. The standard color is white, although individual colors and customized labeling or printing are possible.

Easy and efficient installation

With only 17 mm thickness, there is no need for expensive and inflexible in-wall mounting. A simple on-wall mounting plate is attached to the wall and a patch cable fed to the unit from the ceiling. An electrician can do this; no builders are required. As a result, installation cost is typically halved, in comparison with in-wall installations, and a speedy rollout can be achieved.