• A typical project in three steps

How to implement Qmetrix in three steps

Although the circumstances at airports which affect the installation of Qmetrix are very different, we are proud that the time from the first contact to the installation can be as short as three months.

For that we go through three stages:

1. Solution Proposal

Tell us your objectives and needs: queue management, passenger flow optimation or waiting time measurement. Provide photos, sketches and plans of your queueing area and we design a solutions for you.

Options may vary in online or offline availability, hosted and on-premise installations, number and kind of signal lights or in application of different sensors.

All possible solution get a first cost estimation to help you with the decision process.

2. Working out THE Solution for you

After narrowing down the solution with you, we discuss IT architecture. That includes if you or we are providing the server and other IT related details.

Based on that we give you an official offer. This offer includes hardware, software licencing and service costs.

3. Delivery and installation

Once you have selected and ordered your Qmetrix solution, we are usually able to ship and install Qmetrix at your site within 6 to 8 weeks.

Depending on the size and kind of your solution, we can deliver a Qmetrix 'out of the box' set or we do the installation with you at your site.