• Queues Flash 4|2013

Queues Flash 4|2013

… an exciting year is nearly over. A year where we have launched innovative products. A year where we have implemented great projects all over the world. And a year where we have developed more innovations – ready to be launched and deployed in 2014.

In this edition of the Queues Flash you can read about NXT, our flexible passenger dispatching device, about QCC, the new Counting and Feedback device, the implementation of Qmetrix at Dallas-Fort Worth and Qmetrix at Retail’s Big Show in New York.

Finally it’s time to thank you – our customers, partners and friends who simply find that Qmetrix is a cool product!

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year 2014!

Best regards,
Team Qmetrix

Flexible Passenger Dispatching

For flexible waiting queues Qmetrix has developed the new, mobile and easy to deploy NXT Passenger Dispatching solution. Simply place it at the exit of the waiting queue – and the passengers “flow”.

The solution consists of a Dispatching Monitor mounted on a Via Guide Beltrac post. The service counters are equipped with Qmetrix CAR Caller Buttons. The NXT display is wireless and runs on batteries that can be charged overnight.

This solution is suitable for flexible waiting queues which are set up temporarily but regularly, like a larger dedicated check-in or a temporary common check-in area. No installation, all “plug and play”

The system logs all transaction and productivity data for planning improvement like its big, proven sister product.

If you want to find out more about this product, feel free to contact our partner Via Guide or Qmetrix directly.

>> Via Guide

Demand based Cleaning and Customer Feedback for Restrooms, Lounges and Smoking Corners etc…

Cleaning is usually performed in regular intervals, no matter if it is required or not. We think this is not efficient.

This is why we have developed Qmetrix QCC cleaning control. The system counts visitors with a simple, small ceiling counter device the size of a smoke alarm. Only power is required, data is sent live via GSM to a centralized dashboard.

An optional add-on feedback screen system for the visitors allows getting information about the overall satisfaction and the reporting of problems, such as missing paper or defects – including SMS or email alerts for operations. The good old “last cleaning” signature sheet is replaced by a display with the actual cleaning time – derived from the cleaner’s feedback with the built-in RFID reader.

Improve the efficiency of your cleaning with minimum installation cost - get in contact with us!

Qmetrix in Texas

As announced in our last Queues Flash, Qmetrix is now implemented at a second airport in the USA: Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Together with our partner SecurityPoint Media, we have equipped the security control in Terminal E with a sophisticated Qmetrix waiting time solution. We are proud that the project “Security as Service” received wide cover on CBS National News and also in the New York Times.

>> SecurityPoint Media

>> CBS News (Video)

>> New York Times (Article)

Qmetrix at Retail’s Big Show

From January 13th to 14th our partner Lavi Industries will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & EXPO in New York. At their booth 4309, Lavi Industries are also presenting our Qmetrix WQI.

NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO (“Retail’s Big Show”)
Jacob K. Javits Conventions Center, New York City

>> Lavi Industries

>> Retail’s Big Show