• Queues Flash 1|2014

Queues Flash 1|2014

...during the last months we were busy developing and delivering smart solutions for people counting. Two of them are presented in this issue of the Queues Flash: the Qmetrix Cleaning Control and Qmetrix People Counting Solution.

Do you want get more information about the other developments? Then visit us at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Barcelona.

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Qmetrix Cleaning Control – your Solution for managing Restrooms

The cleaning of restrooms, smoking lounges or other facilities in airports, shopping malls or amusement parks is usually time-driven and not based on actual usage. More often than not it happens that dirty restrooms are not cleaned in time or clean toilets are cleaned unnecessarily. This fact plus unnecessary traveling times reduce the efficiency of the cleaning service.

With the new Qmetrix Cleaning Control (QCC) you can get a real-time counting of persons using the facilities. A built-in RFID reader gives feedback when the actual cleaning is performed. The small overhead sensor is well-priced and easily deployed - only power is required. All measured data is transferred to a dashboard via a built-in GSM modem and can be used for dispatching, planning and reporting purpose.

Clean your facilities demand-driven when it is necessary! Save money and serve your customers better!

Live People Counting

Qmetrix has developed and deployed a real-time people counting solution to control the maximum number of people in the arrival hall of a mid-size European Airport. This was required by the authorities to comply with safety standards.

This new solution counts people at the entrances and exits of the area and delivers the current number of persons (filling level) within the area with an accuracy of more than 95%. The filling level is monitored by the bus-drivers on their smartphones. If there is risk of overfilling, the bus takes an extra loop to delay incoming passengers conveniently. Additionally, all data is recorded and stored in the Qmetrix database, where it is processed for compliance reporting.

This system is quick and easy to install and the ideal solution when you need to know the number of persons within your critical areas. Typical applications are arrival halls, visitor platforms, lounges or shops.

Qmetrix at the Passenger Terminal EXPO Barcelona

For the third time in a row, Qmetrix will be attending the annual Passenger Terminal EXPO. This year it takes place at the Fira Barcelona from 25th to 27th March 2014.

Together with our partner Via Guide you can find us at stand 1055. Join us and get the latest Qmetrix news or a tailor-made solution for your queuing situation!

You can also arrange an appointment with us: qmetrix@qmetrix.com.

Dieter Punzengruber and Thomas Tippl are looking forward to your visit!