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Qmetrix - from Chaos to a Triple Win Situation

Queuing is always unwanted but often necessary to balance and buffer bottlenecks. Qmetrix helps to optimize available resources by improved planning and by operational dispatching and guiding. Qmetrix also helps to manage the waiting time perception of passengers by informing in real time.

Customer, Staff and Management - everybody benefits

Waiting queues have many negative aspects:

  • Queues seem to be unpredictable
  • Long queues are a sign of bad service quality
  • Avoiding queues is expensive.

Qmetrix technology transforms these factors into a win situations for all participants of the service process - customers, employees and management.

It is commonly known that the perceived waiting time tends to be much longer than the actual waiting time in queues. Give your customers actual waiting time information and they will be happy...its that simple!

Staff is happy when customers are happy. On top of this, the Qmetrix counter components puts the agents back in control over the process. No more "yelling and jumping".

Management is happy when customers are happy and staff is happy. Additionally, Qmetrix data helps to forecast, plan and optimize resource allocation. And 24x7 data helps to report "...good things". The holy grail of good planning has just come in reach.