• Check-In & Bag Drop

It's always about the first impression...

Waiting queues in front of check-in desks are often the first impressions a passenger gets from airports and airlines. A well managed queue experience is a very good investment. It makes the first impression a good impression - because there is only one!

Check-in, Drop-Off, Transfer Desks

Waiting queues are normally an awkward situation for passengers, staff and management. Apart from a negative image, queues are cost time and money.

A well managed queue by Qmetrix helps airlines and handling agents with the following tasks:

  • Passenger flow improvment
  • Arrival profile measurement
  • Waiting time measurement
  • Productivity improvement
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Reporting and KPI calculations

Qmetrix installations

Qmetrix systems for Baggage drop-off, Check-in and Transfer have been successfully installed in Europe and the Middle East

Download the Check-In and Transfer Information Sheet!