• Applications

Qmetrix Customers

Typical customers of Qmetrix have one thing in common: they have to manage waiting queues, both operational and/or tactical.

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Handling agents
  • Security Autorities
  • Security Service Providers
  • Supermarkets/Retail chains
  • Restaurant chains and Fast Food Chains
  • Retail chains
  • Railway stations

Qmetrix Customers have Operational and Tactical Objectives

Qmetrix can be used for different levels of management:

  • Short term real-time staff dispatching and optimization
  • Near-time and intra-day balancing of ressources
  • Medium term demand forecast and staff planning/rostering
  • Long term serves level and ressource planning
  • Long-term reporting on service levels and PAX counts

Qmetrix on Airports...

Our system has been installed in the following service areas:

  • Check-in, Drop-off
  • Transfer desks
  • Immigration
  • Security control

Qmetrix in Retail...

  • Automated control of self service checkouts
  • Forwarding systems for dely, delicatessen
  • tactical shop operations
  • feedback systems