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A short history of Qmetrix

The roots

Consulting projects in the field of aviation and retail generated the need for real-time data of customer frequency. The idea to measure queuing times to optimize working-time systems was born. The lack of easy-to-use, wireless and well-priced measurement systems was the initial trigger to develop Qmetrix.

The rapid development of the XIMES software framework Time Intelligence Solutions [TIS] generated more and more possibilities to calculate, combine and to easily display time-based data in a simple, easy to use web-application. A TIS solution was created to process measured queuing data in a way that a process could be monitored in real-time and capacity planning could be optimized.

Qmetrix was born.

Over the years we have established Qmetrix as the leading technology provider to measure customer frequency and derived measures like queue time and queue length with mobile, cable free sensors in queue posts.  We have extended our range of products covering most service processes in airports, retail, convention and other areas wher smart people guiding enriches crowd control.

Qmetrix today

has had a good run over the years and is now an independent private company. We are very, very proud working with all our customers including 5 of the top 15 airports and 2 of the top 5 Airlines in the world. We will stick to our passion and help to monitor, measure and manage what makes our clients customers happy and well served.